Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sweet Saturday

Half term has been a busy week for us, with lots to do with the children and a spare room that has had 4 coats of white paint to get rid of 'that' pink! It's looking much better already. The room is east facing and now with just a basic coat (or four!) of white it is now such a light bright space instead of a marshmallow gone wrong room!

We are having a lovely easy day today, pumpkin carving and a chinese take-away tonight and then Joe has been invited to a Halloween/ Fifth Birthday party which should be interesting! He's going as a werewolf bless him. What are you doing for Halloween? Now we are living on a high street in a small village I am expecting quite a few callers, Joe's never experienced this before as we used to live rurally so I'm quite looking forward to seeing his face! Have fun whatever you are up to xx

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