Friday, 29 July 2011

Beachy Dreams...

Friday is my day of peace - the only day Jackson goes to nursery, so it is supposed to be my day of non-procrastination, organisation, course work and general getting on with everything I can't do with a two year old strapped to my legs but I seem to be just generally faffing about.

My mind keeps wondering back to Monday, when we spent the day down in dorset on the sandy beach. It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun and now I keep thinking of how glorious it would be to have a beautiful beach house...

Bright, airy and calm, that's how I'd want my beach house. How about you?

ps - I love this display and as we live by the river, may have to take inspiration from that instead planning my beach house, unless I win the lottery this weekend...

Have a great one x

Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday Brights - Alison Fennell Watercolours

I'm still crushing on pink, orange and coral artwork...


The flamingo's really caught my eye, they are from Alison Fennell, who is based in Wales and sells on etsy.

I love the colours she uses and the watercolour is so pretty...

She posts all over but has also just added a pdf option to her store for miniatures of her prints. She was kind enough to send me some miniatures of the flamingos and they are so sweet - cannot wait to use them! 

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Built in Beds

Although I know I am blessed with the house we are renting, I can't help but dream of when we next own our own home as there are things you want to do that you just cannot do when the house isn't actually yours. Like knock a wall down. Like wallpaper. Like Build Beds!




pininterest via tumblr

via pininterest


I have an obsession with built in bunk type beds that I just can't shake! Just the idea of snuggling up in your own little knook while still have fun with your fellow little monkeys makes me want to be seven all over again.
The question is how many children would I have to produce to justify four bunks in one room?! I'm not sure but these last images of Sara's kids room from August Fields are my favourite. The steps and shelving and individual lights are killing me!  I can foreseen arguments on who gets top bunk though! xx

Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday Brights - Artwork by Erin Ashley and the wonders of the blogging world!

Came across this slice of gorgeousness on Pininterest...

The large central piece of art is exactly what I have been looking for for a while now...

 So I tracked it back to the stunning blog Small Studio, it's yumminess personified and I got side tracked there for a good while so if you have some time to spare I would definitely recommend checking it out pronto.
Anyway, Erika kindly gives the lowdown on her amazing gallery wall and that amazing piece of artwork is from Erin Ashley.

Of course I hopped straight on over and checked out her website and she is an extremely talented acrylic artist using amazing bright and rich colours that I just adore. Even better she sells prints overseas so now I have a print winging its way to me as we speak for my hallway. I'm on the look out for a massive gold frame now - cannot wait!

I hope you are having a Happy Monday x