Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011!

Well I'm sitting here in much anticipation of 2011. Apologies for the absence over the holidays but it was completely manic on the run up and then we had a bit of a family/relative crisis on Boxing Day which has left us drained for the remainder.

So with a shaky end to the year, I'm wishing one and all a fulfilling, exciting and, most importantly, healthy New Year. Thank you for taking time to read my blog as it is one of the things I will cherish from 2010 and look forward to sharing the journey of 2011 with you. Much Love xxx

Friday, 17 December 2010

Happy Friday!

We have a new snow flurry today, not too much more though I hope as I have things to do for Santa!

I hope your pre-Christmas weekend is magical and not too stressful...

Mine will be full of wrapping and hopefully some baking with a (very rare) manicure squeezed in xxx

Monday, 13 December 2010

Monday Brights

I need a strong shot of boldness to get me through the day today - Jackson is being looked after by my childminder so it's go go go to get all my presents to France packed off, go to Ikea to stock up on party and kitchen essentials, clean tidy and do some laundry and pick the kiddos up from a tea-party! Phewy!

Hopefully I'll get time to catch up on lots of fantabulous blog reading later xxx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Hello Gorgeous!

How cute is this little stocking filler from notonthehighstreet?

Such a nostalgic gift. I know Jackson would love playing at putting the little mouse to bed in his snuggly matchstick box. Unfortunately they are all sold out for Christmas so there will be some lucky kiddos Christmas Day!

Hope you are having a great weekend x

Friday, 10 December 2010

Happy Friday!

My favourite page from this month's mini- Lonny.
The gorgeous blue wall, lamps and artwork with that squishy sofa and cushions make my heart sing. I'd like to cosy up there this weekend with a friend and share a large bottle of vino!
What are you doing this busy weekend on the run up to Christmas and what do you wish you were doing?!

image via lonny

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas...

How is your countdown to Christmas going?

the white company
I'm steadily ploughing through my 'to-do's' after a week of being snowed in and am off today to buy some fabric to cover our footstool in time for Christmas, get some supplies to decorate the staircase...

via strictly simple style
 and choose some more bits and pieces for the boys.

We've changed around the hallway and I've ordered this wooden sign to lighten and freshen the place up a bit (our hallway is very dark, with hardly any natural light), can't wait for it to arrive!

via notonthehighstreet

Can you tell it's pay day?! Whatever you are doing today, have fun! x

Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday Brights

Happy Monday y'all!

How was your weekend? I went out on a Christmas shindig with some lovely ladies but too much bubbly plus this ongoing cold left me extremely worse for wear and I am still slowly recovering!

These beautiful Christmas floral arrangements from The Real Flower Company would definitely make me feel better...

Also available to purchase is a years worth of bouquets, how romantic would it be to receive them all year through? 

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Nap Time Please!

Well after days of being snowed in we are starting to slowly thaw! And just in time as I have a Christmas 'Do' to attend.

But somehow, even though we have been in complete isolation, we've all developed colds and I feel awful!

So I am now trying my best to entice Jack into snuggling up for an afternoon nap... a squishy bed and Tinkerbell on DVD always helps us on these occasions...

Have a great weekend x

Friday, 3 December 2010

Lived In Kitchens

As you can probably guess, due to the snow I am working my way through Nigella Lawson's new book Kitchen. Although she is no interior designer, I love that she writes 'A kitchen should never look decorated, it just needs to feel lived in.' 

I thought about it and it's true, really beautiful kitchens are only decorated with practical items: bowls, plates, teapots, jars full of goodies - they are, to me, what make a kitchen feel welcoming and womb-like.

What do you think makes the kitchen the heart of the home?

Images via Livingetc and housetohome

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Day three of being snowed in... we've made a snowman and I've spent the day cooking.

I've got the beginnings of a sore throat so soup was the only answer.

A definite recommendation would be Nigella's Sunshine Soup (roasted pepper and sweetcorn). It was really quick and easy to make with my store cupboard ingredients (frozen sweetcorn, peppers and organic chicken or vegetable stock. It turned out gorgeous and really did feel like we were devouring a little bit of sunshine!

Then this afternoon I made a lemon cake with lemon curd filling and lemon icing on top - yum yum. We are all getting a bit bored now though so am looking forward to Mr C going out and getting our Christmas decorations from storage tomorrow!

I will leave you with a funny (shocking quality) photo of the pup and kitten, young love? xx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bargain Bowls...

If you haven't already seen Keely from Luxe & Lillies fantastic gift guide I urge you to do so, it is full of gorgeousness and included these bowls from Anthropologie.

I've had my eye on them for a while and when I clicked through imagine my glee to find they are half price! And so I am know one happy customer.

At £7.95 each they would make a great present - unfortunately I will be keeping mine all to myself!!

I promise my next post will not be shopping based (as they all seem to be lately!) but I couldn't help but share.

Hello Gorgeous!

It's day two of winter wonderland here, we are almost snowed in. I'm so glad we are living in a village this year and not as rural our old barn!

Just received this oh so pretty Christmas cards from Belle and Boo. They are so lovely that I want to keep them all...!

Luckily she sent me a free postcard with one of the Christmas images on which was so sweet!

There are so many cute things in her shop, especially for girls. And I adore this cosy and cute hot chocolate print...which pretty much sums up my plan for this snowy day!

Whether you are all snowy or enjoying your early days of summer (jealous!) I hope you have a lovely day x

Images via Belle & Boo

Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday Brights

I adore these lotus bowls from notonthehighstreet but they are currently sold out! Obviously a lot of people know bargainous gorgeousness when they see it...

Happy Monday xx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Hello Gorgeous!

Oooh I've just received my latest order from Cox & Cox and it is so full of gorgeousness I had to share!
{I ordered this with the boys names on - perfect for presents to the grandparents and teachers}

I adore their lovely home accessories and their pretty festive decorations...

{this smells exactly like lemon drizzle cake - warm, creamy lemon - perfect puppy smell cover up!)

 but what I love most of all is their imaginative children's presents - especially the stocking fillers. Affordable and imaginative - so refreshing nowadays, especially for boys. And I know my boys (and my numerous nephews...) are going to smile when they receive these...

{Joe will LOVE this - £2.50!}

{Perfect for my 9 year old nephew!}

{Jackson saw me unwrap this and try it out so this nightlight is now not for Christmas..}

{How cute? A whole wooden town for £5, which will go perfectly with his wooden dolls house + train set in his bedroom}
I also got a flip camcorder for Luke - so now I am positively smug about being ever-so slightly organised for once! (It helps that internet shopping is the only talent needed to tick this to-do list item off) x

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone from me and my puppy!

Snow is forecast for here so I'm looking forward to a cosy one, hopefully with some projects to tackle...


and breakfast in bed is surely deserved?


Thursday, 25 November 2010

I'm in love...

...with unexpected venetian detail. I adore rooms that are already gorgeous but have no mirrored inclinations and then *bam!* one important venetian piece ups the ante - and that piece looks all the more classy for its underdone back drop.


What do you think?

Images via Mary McDonald, bijou and bohemedesign sponge, martha stewart

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Celebrations & New Additions!

What a busy week in our household! Jackson turned two on Monday and we got our new puppy on Sunday (must be mad). So we have had a very busy time with lots of visitors, tiring but fun.

There is something seriously wrong with our camera so I will upload some better photos when I can.

I had reservations about a dog as we have been without one for a while but when I saw his puppy dog eyes I melted...

puppy and my niece who was in instant love...

Jack had a wonderful birthday, he had a few toddler friends round for a Hungry Caterpillar lunch playdate.

I made this rainbow cake...

we played pass the parcel and he got this new play kitchen.

We found him asleep under it at tea time and he slept through till morning bless him!

Jackson - 1 week old

...and now
Happy birthday my gorgeous boy x

Now to catch up on some serious blog reading...