Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Glace Colours En France

My parents little project (their home in France) has turned out to be a huge project! My mum is very happy that she finally has stairs to her bedroom (it was a trip up a wobbly ladder every evening) and things are structurally starting to come together.

To cheer herself up after a very long build, my mum has started to think about colour schemes for the rooms and although I haven't even been to the new house yet (infants + renovation projects = disaster) we are regularly on the phone discussing possible interiors.

One of the first rooms she wishes to tackle is the main guest room as it will be one of the first to be completed (and of course I can then come to stay!). As with many people, my parents have accumilated a lot of pieces - whether it be furniture or soft furnishings, that they want to keep and tie-in with new schemes.

Once such piece is a large bedspread that my mum bought a while ago. It is a pretty piece but it is very 'country cottage' and she doesn't want to go down that route with the room as a whole. In fact she has decided that she wants the interior throughout to look fresh, simple and bright.
I immediately remembered being inspired by Kellie's recent post at Ada & Darcy's on Gelato Colours although it would have to be Glace Colours as this will be in France!

She didn't want to use wallpaper in this room and she didn't want to paint it pink so I suggested a fresh light spring green which would tie in with the tiny green petals on the bedspread.

With plain white bedding and simple window treatments it would be easy for her to add accessories and additional furniture in pastel glace colours and white keeping it bright and breezy and in the permenant season of Spring! I can't wait for it to come together and to see it finished!

Images: Driftwood Interiors, Ada & Darcy

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