Friday, 12 July 2013

New hair - The Lob

My hair has been long for so long! Sometimes you just have to kick yourself outta that rut and I always think the perfect way to do this is by changing your hair.

So I scoured pinterest and found that the Lob is where it is at. Not too short so I look like my brother but still feels fresh. Here are a few of my favourites:

{links through here}

I have had long hair all this time as it's so thick I was told it needed to be past my shoulders because of the weight of it. So I went to my trusty hairdresser and she said it was indeed possible to have a blunt cut but slice the weight out.

Et voila! I literally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

On Your Bike

I have been a lucky girl this week and got this as a surprise anniversary gift from my husband! He is now in the good books, needless to say. She is a Dawes Duchess Bike in Roses and I love her.

She is gorgeous and I love the freedom she gives me. We live in a small town where parking spaces are limited and I don't always feel like walking but it's so much fun to hop on the bike down to the high street!

Of course now I'm looking at accessories... I came across the gorgeous Beg Bicycles which not only do the most drool worthy vintage looking bikes but also beautiful accessories such as dog baskets
and bags.

how cute?

yes please...

My favourites I have my eye on are the seat covers

and these stunning lambswool picnic blankets with leather straps.

To. Die. For.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Sun Dresses - The Hot 3

As the sun has really got it's hat out full force here I made a mad dash to the shops and got myself some new sundresses.

I have finally learnt that my body shape suits fit and flare dresses and so for once I was focused and bought for my shape!

There are some GREAT sales out there at the moment and I snapped myself up some bright beauties...

The Oasis RiRi Dress. Down from £55 to £35

I love this dress as it can be worn with lots of different colours. Today I'm wearing it with fluro pink flats.

The New Look floral skater dress. £22.99

This is really lightweight but has a great shape to it and an absolute bargain. Again it goes with any colour shoe you could think of!

The Wallis polka dot dress. Down from £40 to £32.

Pretty Woman dress anyone? I don't usually shop in Wallis but spotted this classic dress and snapped it up. It is very flattering and perfect for a wedding we have coming up. Now where's my white gloves and floppy hat?
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