Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thursday's Stop And Stare: Amanda Peet's Family Room

Things have been very up in the air the last few months but life should now be getting back into a routine, meaning I can blog more regularly again yey! So I'm going to start a series or two to get that routine in full swing.

Every Thursday I'm going to feature an interior that captures my attention and break down what it is that makes that space work. I found it a really invaluable tool when studying interior design as it helps you understand how thoughtful interior design works.

Today's Stop And Stare is Amanda Peet's amazing multi-tasking family room from her home in LA, as featured in US Vogue.

This is not a room that has sudden dramatic impact and jumps out of the screen at you shouting and screaming for attention but look again and you will see the quiet, happy perfectness of this space.

When studying interior design, two thing we're taught about that can be hard to grasp are Harmony and Balance.  They are not practical things you can measure or draw but they are what makes a room a place people enjoy without even thinking about it and both have been captured here. The white wash paint on the walls along with the white clad ceiling gives the home a beach house vibe while the glossy dark floorboards balance this out, adding grown up glamour.

The built in L shape sofa makes the room in my opinion. It juts out forming a perfect breakfast nook, while at the same time blocking off the other half of the room, turning that into a TV and reading area of it's own. This is a great way to use space in a largely open plan, family home - zoning out areas so the family can be together but each area has it's own use.

With the neutral basics in place, they could have gone in any direction with the decor. But soft and squidy stripe cushions are used on the bench of the sofa and a similar coloured berger rug is added to give a relaxed, lived in vibe to the room. The Vogue article also mentions that To help her interiors stay playful, she leans heavily on John Derian’s handcrafted aesthetic for inspiration, as well as the freshness and intimacy of Proven├žal style. You can see this in the choice of furniture.

The colours of the cushions, the rug and the cacophony of books warm up the room, making it feel welcoming and comfortable. The rustic wooden table also adds instant warmth, depth and the tactile quality that wooden furniture always brings.

“I see a lot of homes that are supercool,” the actress says, “and everything is very tasteful, but it’s not warm. I’m really scared of rooms that look too serious.” (from her Vogue interview)

Fun details such as her children's artwork taped to the wall make sure this place isn't serious and really add to that lived in family feel. Never overlook those magical creations that are given to you by sticky fingered little ones, they really are the priceless (sometimes abstract!) pieces in my opinion.

What do you think of the space? Could you sit here with a cup of tea, slice of cake and a book? I know I could!

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