Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Living Room Moodboard

I was asked to help out with the redecoration of a Victorian property's living room. Originally there was a small reception room with a dining room behind but the dividing wall had been knocked down to create a larger family space.

The young couple have two small boys and so wanted a practical but fun space. She wanted a squishy L shaped sofa (they currently have two dark brown leather sofas) and he is into photography so it would be nice to have some space to show that off too. They had already finished renovating their kitchen with glossy white units and light grey walls so kept that in mind as it's good if a home has a similar 'feel' from room to room.

I sent her a few inspiration ideas that I'd grouped together from pininterest. I think this is a great way of finding out what a client likes straight away, making it easier for us both to see their taste. Then we talked about the layout of the room, furniture placement and storage and display ideas.

At home I collated all I'd learnt - they love greys plus different shades of blues and turquoise as well as deep coral/ orange. I suggested greys and blues with warm tones as the room is north facing and could feel quite cold and flat. They also wanted to add some wallpaper and I suggested doing this down the dining end of the room, to give it some drama and definition.

I also suggested ditching the matching sofas and having one L shape in a neutral shade and one snuggle or love seat under the front bay window in a cheery shade or pattern.

It's been such a fun process - here is the moodboard as it stands now...(other than a few more cushions to add - in deep coral) What do you think?

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