Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Garden Room

During our 'renting phase' as I like to call it we have now rented quite a few different types of house - Georgian, Victorian and uber contemporary. Before that we owned a starter home/new build and then a converted barn!

We've learned a LOT through this process, and as much as I still crave my own home I think it has been a great learning curve for two house-a-holics! And narrows down for me exactly what I want from my dream home. Not dream-win-the-lottery-home but dream forever home.

Although this dreamy room is an apartment in Madrid (see here for more), this image sums up my perfect day room. A room or even a space off of the kitchen with wall to wall glass doors with day bed, fresh modern moroccan features, lots of white, warm wooden floors and of course a hint of pink. What could be more perfect? Gorgeous!
L x


A Room For Everyone said...

That is a pretty perfect room, I agree! It does take a while to know what your 'forever home' would look like. I think I know now, but it could change! Thank you for your lovely comment about the blog.. Rachael xx

Laura @ Caught by Design said...

Such a great room - I could relax there all day long! :)

Sara Russell Interiors said...

Such a breezy and pretty room!

xo Sara