Friday, 17 September 2010

Happy Friday! And Oversized Accessories...

Happy Friday one and all! I'm feeling a little bit more alive today, although still procrastinating like crazy and Jack is snottier than ever! So we haven't ventured far today and I have been having a re-jig of our pictures, frames and accessories and am much happier with the outcome. I received my order from Melody Maison (more on them below) and was very happy with my new white etched metal tray (for the little table in the loo), pretty seaside picture (for the kitchen/diner) and memo board (again for the kitchen/diner).

I LOVE Fridays because it is fish & chip night in our village. Basically a van comes round and everyone queues up for their weekly fish and chips and it is The Best - no grease - just good old fashioned fish and chips - yum! How do you celebrate the beginning of the weekend?

On a completely different note, I keep coming across oversized everyday objects on my favourite sites, which would be major focal points and definite talking points! Not sure how the scissors would go down with two under-six's in my house but we'll overlook that minor point! Oh, or the candelabra! Damn those  pesky kids!

Have a great weekend xx

Scissors, Pencil Sharpener, Alarm Clock - all Graham & Green; Candelabra - Melody Maison

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GeorgyG design said...

These photos are great and agree love the oversized object thing. I am also big on large letters which are a lot more child friendly. I too have two young children and have to decorate with them in mind. So have a number of 'Ds' and 'Bs' around the house the letters of their first names. We are also about to renovate our house while living in it, should be fun!