Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Our Anniversary

It was our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday but unfortunately I forgot (don't ask me how!) until about 2pm and rushed to the shops to buy my husband a card and some chocolate! Useless I know!
Luckily, he hadn't said anything about it in the morning either and had said he wouldn't be home until late so I didn't feel that bad.

That was until after tea.. I'd bathed the boys and was thinking of getting into my pj's myself (as I have a cold) when he came home with the most enormous bunch of flowers and announced he had booked my favourite restaurant (with a bottle of champagne on ice waiting) and had a babysitter coming over in an hours time. I felt terrible telling him my throat was so bad it hurt to eat but he was very good about it all and has postponed it until next week. My hero! Here is a (rather bad) photo of my flowers. Apologies but I can't find my 'good' camera. All my favourites including roses, delphiniums and peonies, I am a lucky girl  xxx

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