Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Our New Home + Front Doors

Our new home has a beautiful Victorian door with original stained glass, it is stunning to look at from inside as the glass lights up in beautiful pinks, purples and yellows but from outside the door just blends in with the rendered walls and looks blah to me!

I can't wait for the wisteria to come out which will make it look pretty but I keep nagging Mr C for a change of colour to the door. He agrees to paint it a safe French Grey or some other tasteful period colour but I want BOLD!

What do you think? What colour would you go for? Have a look at these beauties to whet your whistle, to me they look so welcoming, fun and glam...

And here is a shot of our new place and that camouflaged door..

Our New Home
all via pininterest


Anonymous said...

I love that dark blue with white trim - I recently painted my front door a slightly brighter blue. Still a classic colour but a little more punchy. Go for it! If Husband hates it, paint over it! (my motto!)
~ Elise Galliers

leanne said...

Thanks for your comment Elise - I love your motto, I might just steal it! X

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