Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Back to Attack!

Apologies for the extremely long absence but I can report that I am still here!
I took some time away from blogging as we have had quite a difficult few months, we were told my father-in-law was terminally ill just before Christmas and sadly hasn't been given long. News like this readjusts your priorities and some things, including blogging, I couldn't get my head round for a while.
It has been rewarding, though, consciously putting family life first and I have included a few catch up shots of what's been happening since December.

Also, our lease came up on our beautiful house we have been renting for a year and only 10 days ago we moved again! Although the last house was stunning and perfectly finished this one has a real family feel and is just off the high street in our favourite town so I am feeling very blessed right now - I swear I'm never moving again!

Now we are all settled I look forward to catching up with my favourite blogs and sharing all my news and finds again!

much love x

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Tracey said...

Welcome back Leanne! Sorry to hear your news. Keep smiling! xx

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