Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday

I think the fact that we are renting means I am forever obessed with wallpaper (what you can't have and all that), however for some projects I have going on I've just received some samples that scratch that itch for me! 

I have a particular penchant at the moment for anything slightly metallic, or with a hand painted look... so pretty and give such a richness to a room. Here are a few of my faves...

Designers Guild - Darly - I adore the grey background against the pink and gold.

Designers Guild (again!), this is Ajanta shown here in pewter...

 ... And here in lavender. It gives a plaster effect but the colour has a metallic sheen to it. It would be stunning in a room with some dramatic furniture.

Bird in a Bush from Anna French - an all time fav but even more pretty in person with that super shiny background. My dream dressing room wallpaper! One day!

Another all time fav is Nina Campbell's Perroquet in black. A work of art in wallpaper form.

Another overblown bloom, this one is Radiance in rose gold from Prestigious. A great price at £30 for the quality of the wallpaper and the richness of the colours which doesn't come across on screen. Yum yum!

All available from Wallpaper Direct x

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