Thursday, 12 May 2011


I am sorry I have been absent without leave for some time now!

This is for two reasons:

1) We have had non-stop visitors since moving in in March, I feel like a hotel owner/ porter/ maid/ tourist guide at times but it has been fun. This is because we have moved near this...

Henley On Thames

And this..


And this...


We have had such a great time exploring!

2) The house we've moved into is a rental. It's gorgeous and is painted tastefully throughout so I'm really lucky but it seems to have (temporarily) made my inspiration juices dry up. Does that sound crazy? 

I was just moaning to my husband about how I would love to choose some crazy wallpaper to put up and he obviously thinks I'm mad and his reply was something along the lines of 'You are never happy!'. Maybe it's just a girl thing?! xx

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww well welcome back sweetie. Oh and Lol at what your hubby said!