Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hello Gorgeous!

It's day two of winter wonderland here, we are almost snowed in. I'm so glad we are living in a village this year and not as rural our old barn!

Just received this oh so pretty Christmas cards from Belle and Boo. They are so lovely that I want to keep them all...!

Luckily she sent me a free postcard with one of the Christmas images on which was so sweet!

There are so many cute things in her shop, especially for girls. And I adore this cosy and cute hot chocolate print...which pretty much sums up my plan for this snowy day!

Whether you are all snowy or enjoying your early days of summer (jealous!) I hope you have a lovely day x

Images via Belle & Boo


GeorgyG design said...

What gorgeous cards. My daughter keeps asking for snow for Christmas but being Summer in Australia not going to happen! I do remember fondly some white Christmas's from my childhood when we lived in an English village and hope one day my kids experience it. G

leanne said...

maybe when your house is finished we should swap haha!