Thursday, 2 December 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Day three of being snowed in... we've made a snowman and I've spent the day cooking.

I've got the beginnings of a sore throat so soup was the only answer.

A definite recommendation would be Nigella's Sunshine Soup (roasted pepper and sweetcorn). It was really quick and easy to make with my store cupboard ingredients (frozen sweetcorn, peppers and organic chicken or vegetable stock. It turned out gorgeous and really did feel like we were devouring a little bit of sunshine!

Then this afternoon I made a lemon cake with lemon curd filling and lemon icing on top - yum yum. We are all getting a bit bored now though so am looking forward to Mr C going out and getting our Christmas decorations from storage tomorrow!

I will leave you with a funny (shocking quality) photo of the pup and kitten, young love? xx


cinnamon hill said...

that puppy is just the cutest little thing in the world :-)

Bubby Makes Three said...

So jealous, its sweltering over here in Oz... what I wouldnt give for a white Xmas!!!

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