Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rusty Buckets!

I am a completely last minute, unorganised type of person (I like to say I live for the moment but really my head is just in the clouds and I'm not sure what day it is). So I have decided that I am going to start my Christmas preparations early this year as I usually leave it to the last minute and carry on swearing throughout the festive period.

With this in mind I snapped these up in John Lewis yesterday...aren't they cute?

The boys are going to love them filled with little treats...

Where to put it is the only question!



GeorgyG design said...

Love it what a great advent calendar, very original. I too am trying to get ready early for Christmas and just wrote a post on the fact. Need to get organised as I also have my daughters 5th birthday five days before. I must admit I am not good at lists though and leave stuff to the last minute also. G

paula said...

such a cute idea.

Kristi said...

i get all my gift shopping done in plenty of time...i am just awful when it comes to planning advent.

A Room For Everyone said...

They are so gorgeous, I haven't seen anything like them..Rachaelxx

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