Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Style Direction

Does your style direction wax and wane? Do you know what your 'style' is? I feel like I'm drawn to different styles constantly.

Lately I love to see spaces filled with glamour and neutrals but I also love rooms that have a rustic feel and I am habitually drawn to the feminine touches of colour...

But what I really love is spaces that balance all of these factors, these are the rooms that take my breath away!

My favourite heart stopping deal breakers:

The feminine chic touch of orchids in any room
Lots of white
Trims and accents of black
Shots of pink or purple
Chunks of amethyst
Faux fur
White or pink roses
Pattern: pretty in pinks, animal always, black and white stripes and dots
Gold frames and accents

Look and love dear readers...



Birthday Weekend

{Beautiful flowers for my nest}

(a trip to oxford complete with burgers and the best ever milkshakes at Byrons}

{an amazing meal at The Hand and Flowers, Marlow}

What a lucky girl I am! X

Friday, 25 January 2013

Back in the Game

Well this little blog has been neglected for too long! After a crazy few months moving (again!) and being very busy on all fronts I am now back and firing on all cylinders!

January is a love hate month for me. It sees awful weather and short days with the hangover from Christmas and so long till Spring but it's also mine and my best friend's birthday month. It can be hard to feel energised and motivated when it is dark and cold but strangely I do!

The new year to me feels like a new diary all fresh and empty reading to be filled. I like to plan a lot in January, just little things plotted out for the unfolding year ahead like little seeds waiting to bloom... it give purpose and something to look forward to in these dark days. Do you do this too? Are you you in hibernation till the Spring?!

I love the idea of this stylish diy filing box above. Not only is it a great way to stay organised it then turns into a lovely keepsake when the year is done. Instead of months you could divide it up for projects, rooms, clients or inspiration styles. This may be my weekend project, I have so many empty boxes since Christmas!

Another thing I find helps with the January Blues is giving yourself a little post Christmas treat. It doesn't have to be costly, but something that gives you a quick pick me up.  As we are going out for my birthday I went all out for a bright red dress...

after gleaning inspiration from this outfit...


so will be pairing with thick black tights for this cold January weekend! Whether yours is as freezing or hot and sunny - enjoy! x