Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday at Mine

We have a large family room area off of our kitchen and it's big, cream walls were getting to me. It's one of my favourite parts of the house but it needs cosy-ing up. It's a large area with an apex roof at the end so really needs either oversize pieces or focal points or they look lost.

Although we are allowed to paint some parts of the house, this area is pretty open plan so we'd have to paint or wallpaper pretty much the whole downstairs if I really wanted to tackle That Cream.

So I decided: Offending walls = Gallery Walls

One side would be our collection of family photographs that we'd already organised and framed for our previous home.

The other side would be a hodge podge of favourite prints, kids prize artwork and special memories in a mixture of frames. I love the way we can mix up great grandad's papers with our wedding day and joe's 'spring' canvas.

It's not finished by a long shot but this is the way we look today...

Beginnings of our gallery wall...

Beginnings of our photo wall...
We have a navy sofa and white gloss dining table. This week I'm going to be working on making it all cohesive so check back next week to see how far I have or haven't got!

Here are some other bits around the room for the time being...

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alison g. said...

It's getting there!

P.S. - Has anyone ever told you you look like Kate Middleton (aka Princess Catherine?) Gorgeous!

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