Thursday, 3 November 2011

Christmas Cake!

Jackson and I have spent the morning making our Christmas Cake! I've never bothered making one before but this year I really want Christmas to be back to basics - all about the twinkly lights, the tree, good home cooked food and being with the family. As such I'm starting early making sure the cupboards are stocked with all the good stuff.

Jackson adored helping stir the ingredients and licking the spoon! The house is a flour dusted mess but smells gorgeous!

I'm looking forward to feeding it (and myself) liberally with brandy from now until Christmas. Ho ho ho, there's no turning back now!

{this is how I am hoping it will look!}
If you are interested, it is the Delia Smith recipe which you can find here


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Thank You Gifts For Him said...

I personally think your cake looks better than the one in the picture. I don't like it when the cake is too dark. Yours looks yummy! nom nom nom!