Friday, 9 September 2011

Thankful For Friday + Gorgeous Jewels...

Black Agate Druzy Earrings

Wow we've had one of those weeks this week and I for one am looking forward to the weekend!  As well as some ongoing extended family issues (you can't choose your extended family!)

  • Jackson has been ill with flu and then somehow FELL into a wasp nest in the garden and ended up in hospital!
  • Had the funeral of my best friend's father
  • A tyre blew on my car on the first school run!
All in four days. Luke's also going away for nearly three weeks so we are getting ready for that too, let's hope those three weeks aren't quite as eventful!

To get me back in the swing of things I had a little browse on Etsy (they don't call it retail therapy for nothing!) and came across this unspeakably gorgeous shop that had me like a little girl in a sweet shop. Friedasophie is based San Francisco and specialises in nature based gemstone jewellery.

I literally love everything about each piece, the colours, the textures yum yum yum - I am started my Christmas List NOW! How to choose? What would be your favourite?

Fuchsia Druzy Gold Necklace 

Black Tourmaline Gold Necklace

Vanilla Spirit Quartz Drusy Gold Dipped Necklace

Lilac Amethyst Gold Necklace - Limited Edition

Multi Sapphire Rondelle Necklace 14K Gold

Onyx Ametyst Cluster Earrings 14k teardrop lilac green hoops

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