Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesday Brights!

Love, love, love these bright beauties from Chloe Croft at Rockett St George.

Chloe is a masters fashion graduate from the world renowned Royal College of Art. Her cliental ranges from Pop Stars Scissor Sisters to Opera Singer Angelina Georgiou.  She has also created work for de Gournay - the world’s finest producers of hand painted wallpaper, silk and porcelain.

Chloe has recently combined her passion for animals with her vibrant and elegant style to create a collection of animal portraits. Each piece is created from hundreds of painstakingly cut strips of parchment. Limited edition prints of the original and these fabulous cushions are now available at Rockett St George.


Tracey said...

Seen these. V. cute!

How you doing chickadee...long time no blog!?!


leanne said...

I know! life, coursework, toddlers and chickenpox keep overtaking! Jealous of you though! Any names yet? X

Tracey said...

A few...think we need to see the face though!

Chickenpox!...been there done that. Thankfully all over and done with...til the next one. Was thankful to get it out the way though! And my course finished the beginning of this month. Phew! What about you?

leanne said...

well done! don't know how you do it, i'm on the home stretch thank god! We've moved twice since i started so probably not best timing!

I know what you mean about meeting the little one first, makes it even more exciting! X